How I Did It

From May and June of each year, I'd pick Arnica flowers from the slopes of Silver Star Mountain. In July and August, I'd pick St. John's Wort, and in the fall, Calendula flowers right from my own garden.


From May to November each year, you'd see gallon jars of flowers and oils, infusing for specific amounts of time on my kitchen counter or sitting outside in the sun. The jars of flowers and oils went through processes to become clear, herbal flower infused oils. The live essence of the flowers was never cooked, so living energy was in each and every jar of Magic Cream.

Then came the blending of the fresh oils with coconut oil and beeswax.

Finally, I'd add essential oils of Lavender and Rose just prior to packaging.


What Magic Cream Does

Footcare clients, family and friends; from New York, California, Hawaii, Fiji, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Nova Scotia, England, and locally, in Vernon and Kelowna, told me that my Nurse Gwen's Magic Cream was helping all kinds of issues.

  • Some had swollen ankles from sprains - the Magic Cream helped with the inflammation and pain. It also shortened healing time.
  • A cousin in Manitoba said it helped control the cancer patches on her nose.
  • A client travelling from Europe had multiple black/blue bruises throughout her torso from tumbling down cement stairs. She estimated the Magic Cream helped reduce the bruising and hematoma by 80% in 10 days.
  • Clients in Edmonton reported that inflamed mosquito bites on their children were better immediately after applying Magic Cream.
  • My daughter-in-law reported excellent results when Magic Cream was applied to dozens of swollen duck lice bites - all better in 3 days.
  • I received a Wolf Spider bite on my arm during nurse training. The site swelled up into a vesicle ( inflammatory response). On the way to the Emergency Room, I put a little Magic Cream on the bite. By the time I arrived, the vesicle was already flat - no longer a large, itchy hill. I showed the ER doctor where the spider bite was, and the dead Wolf Spider that I had captured in a zip bag, along with an information sheet on Magic Cream. He stated that this was a very good product for all sorts of insect bites because the formula had anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Several family and friends reported excellent results in reducing cold sores.
  • Two nurses I knew told me Magic Cream was the only product that helped dermatitis on their eyelids.
  • Another client had a suspicious and painful growth (approx. size of a thumbnail) on her upper arm. She complained to the doctor and was told it would take months to see a dermatologist. So she used the Magic Cream daily. The next time I saw her, the growth was 1/4 the size. When she saw the dermatologist, the doctor decided to remove it anyway, just to be safe.
  • A care-aid stated the Magic Cream reduced scar tissue after recent surgery.
  • Hospital housekeeping personnel reported improvement on hands damaged by cleaning chemicals.
  • Clients have reported success in relieving rosacea problems.
  • My son used Magic Cream to keep his feet warmer when skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.
  • Family members report a beneficial effect when using as a personal lubricant.
  • Those suffering from hemorrhoids report quicker healing and less pain using Magic Cream.
  • My mother (91) uses Magic Cream on her face as a night cream. Anti-wrinkle formulas work because the anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients reduce the look of wrinkles. St. John's Wort, Arnica and Calendula are all "anti-inflammatory."

Those are just some reasons I continued to make Nurse Gwen's Magic Cream. But why not make even better skin care products based on that original formula?

Gwen Miller Skin Care Products

I decided to share the benefits of my Magic Cream with more of you. So I started my official business with the launching of:

  • Magic Balm NPN #80034562
  • Face Cream - Aromatic Moisturizer - Anti-Wrinkle Formula
  • Healing Massage Oil
  • Healing Balm Stick

I had applied to Health Canada for a Natural Health Products Number (NPN) so I could sell the product across Canada. This was a lengthy process of paperwork, time and patience and jubilation.

In August 2012, I was awarded an NPN for MAGIC BALM. The product is now be made up in a Government Inspected Facility in Kelowna (Natures Formulae).

Ingredients and combinations have been researched and developed in laboratory, tested, tweaked and retested.

There is nothing like Gwen Miller Skin Care Products on the market. These products are made with 100% natural ingredients derived from plants and flowers. No animal products are used. The flowers have been picked by myself, family, and helpers in the Okanagan Valley.

Check out the Ingredients page for more info.

Check out our product pages for more concise information and use for each of Gwen Miller Skin Care Product and how to purchase.

I would love to hear your comments about how my products have helped you. Send me your testimonials and reviews.


It is in giving that we receive.

Gwen Miller