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What Others Are Saying


I've used alcohol hand cleansers 30 to 40 times per day and I have found Gwen's hand ointment [Magic Balm] to work more effectively than any other product that I have tried.

Dr. Gavin Smart, MD


When I get a cold sore, it usually gets cracked and painful and the healing process seems long. When I used the Magic Balm on a cold sore, it stayed softer, slowed the growth and healed much faster. I feel Magic Balm was soothing and healing, and better than anything that I bought from the drug store.

Chris M.


I have used Gwen Miller's face cream and find that it makes my skin smooth fresh feeling. I like it very much.

Theonilla M.


Your Magic Balm keeps my face moisturized all day. I've just discovered I had a white head on my left cheek that I was going to get removed next time I saw the Dr. but its disappeared! I just couldn't believe it. I love your Magic Balm.



Magic Balm was very effective against a cold sore. It killed the virus before it surfaced. I could feel the reaction of the virus to the balm and it was gone in 2 days – there was no surface eruption (instead of the usual many days).

Dennis B.


I like Magic Balm because it can be applied to anything – sprains, burns, bruises – seems to heal most surface body ailments. I feel it has the ability to heal.

Gerry H.


My daughter is a lifeguard and has eczema and painful cracks on her feet. After using Magic Balm, the eczema and cracked feet issues fully recovered. My whole family loves Magic Balm.

Clara F.


Magic Balm keeps cancer “patches” on my nose under control.



I put Magic Balm on abrasions on my hand and they heal much faster.

Trevor H.


I'm a hairdresser and use Magic Balm to help heal my chemically damaged hands.



Magic Balm cleared up my son's swimmer's itch in three days with no itching.



I have found Magic Balm to be amazing. It has really helped to heal scar tissue from recent surgery. It is more than a face cream - I truly recommend Gwen's Magic Balm.

Carol W.


I used Magic Balm product on a daily regiment at night prior to bed. Almost immediately I noted a softness to my skin, a resilience that I had not formerly experienced through the fall/winter months due to being indoors and the furnace running. I then started using the product in an area that had prominent scarring. Again, I was delighted to note, that although the scarring was not fully gone, it was visibly less in the matter of approximately 2 to 3 weeks. I can easily suggest that Magic Balm does exactly what is says it will. Thank you



I used it [Magic Cream] and 2 people looked at me and thought whatever is making my skin look so moist decided they needed it too. My daughter is now on her 2nd bottle too. A lady commented on my skin and she now has bought a bottle. It is so smooth. It stays without being greasy. The fact that it is healthy and so versatile is a bonus.

Grace U.


I sprained my ankle playing baseball. Using the Magic Balm, the bruising and swelling disappeared in a few days. Previously, it took months.

Terri T.


I want more Magic Balm. I like it a lot.

Pascale K.


I use Magic Balm by rubbing in and massaging to help sciatic nerve and muscle aching. Two elderly people at the same care home use it for their knee pain.



I use Magic Balm on my feet to soothe dry skin. It makes my feet feel feel rejuvenated. It also soothes aching from bunion pain.

Carolyn C.


Magic Balm is the ONLY product that helps my scar tissue from breast cancer surgery feel better. I use it all the time now.

Magdalena D.