Gwen Miller

Magic Balm (Free Sample)

Gwen Miller's Magic Balm



Nature's healing powers in a single, convenient application.
Derived from natural ingredients and free of any artificial additives or fragrances

  • Our Magic Balm is an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-biotic, all in one.
  • Use the Magic Balm if you have wounds or bruises, burns or sores, or if you need to relieve pain from arthritis and muscle soreness. 
  • I can also help decrease inflammation, swelling and bruising after daily activities, surgery, or any other activity that puts your body through uncomfortable situations.
  • It is fast-absorbing and nourishes your skin. The Candelilla
    wax in the balm helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and signs of aging (wrinkles and age spots).
  • The balm also helps treat acne problems, protects your skin from harmful bacteria, moisturizes your skin, alleviates anxiety and balances hormones.
  • It acts as an insect repeller, helps to heal bug bites and minor burns.

For a limited time, Gwen miller is offering free sample packs.
Add to cart and enjoy. Free shipping and free of charge.

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